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Art Monthly Talk Show 8th February 2013









 The Culture of virtual curating and the phenomenon of virtual lives.

Morgan Quaintance and Omar Kholeif discuss their feature articles in the February 2013 issue of Art Monthly.

The Curator’s New medium-  Omar Kholeif

Traditional curatorial notions of researching, selecting and articulating are increasingly under threat from algorithmic approaches to gathering artefacts, epitomised by online efforts to tag artworks with searchable categories. Isn’t it time for critically minded curators to get to grips with the internet as a medium before it is subsumed by commercial interests?

‘The supposed democratisation of curatorial practice through virtual platforms threatens the traditional art-historical approach to curating, as witnessed in Paul Schimmel’s forced exit from MOCA, LA.’

 Being-Online- Morgan Quaintance

While it is increasingly possible to live your entire social life online, the technology companies that enable such interactions have their own commercial imperatives for shaping that intercourse. How do artists such as Denis Knopf and Thomson & Craighead reflect the channelled experience that is being-online?

‘The parametrical narrowing that is a fundamental design feature of online services constricts the behaviours of those engaged in the practice of being-online (living socially on and through the web).’

The programme is hosted by Matt Hale who has worked at Art Monthly since 1991.


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