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Art Monthly Talk Show 14th October 2013










This programme is based on two features from issue 370 October 2013 of Art Monthly 

Post-racialism- by Morgan Quaintance who looks beyond identity constructs- ‘If identity is constructed, by whom is it constructed? Whom does it serve, and according to what ideological commitments? Seeking answers to these questions would at least open the way for analyses of black identity.’ The fight for identity and equal representation that so occupied the second post-colonial generation in the UK has been co-opted by the very forces that it was meant to combat. Isn’t it time this new black identity that the dominant ideology has constructed – depoliticised and consumerist – be shaken by those it claims to represent? He  discusses this with Dave Beech linking it with Dave’s feature The Art Anomaly on art’s economic exceptionalism. Since art operates at the limits of economic understanding, economists have been reduced to declaiming its seemingly ‘perverse’ irrationaility. Instead of such name calling, isn’t the art anomaly better understood as revealing a flaw in neoliberal economic ideologies? ‘It makes sense to see the apparently irrational choices of artists as exerting a counter-force on economic rationality which sets limits on its efficacy. Economic exceptionalism results from a range of limits placed on market forces by non-economic forces.’

The programme is hosted by Matt Hale who has worked at Art Monthly since 1991.

Previous episodes are available on Art Monthly’s website www.artmonthly.co.uk/events.htm

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