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Uncut Transmission

With direct, trans-Atlantic action against tax evasion and the banks, Carl Gibson and Stephanie Vessie of USUncut and Ed and Jed from UKUncut engage in a speculative exchange just before the actions that took place last month, and which leads us up to the forthcoming day of action on 26th March. This podcast had technical problems due to the server it was hosted on, therefore this has been re-posted.Uncut transmission is hosted by James Tregaskis. For further details, follow @UKUncut and @USUncut on Twitter

Unimagining Corporate Greenwashing

James Marriott, of Platform, an organization that brings together artists & activists to create projects focused on social and ecological justice, in conversation with John Jordan, co-founder of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, a network of socially engaged artists and activists whose work falls in between resistance and creativity, culture and politics, art and life.

They discuss what makes art such an effective catalyst for change, the history of art-activism, the ailing condition of art institutions, the architecture of corporate sponsorship of cultural institutions and how the Lab of ii recently exposed the Tate Modern’s complicity with BP’s project of maintaining a ’social license to operate’.

Art Monthly- February 2010

The Art Monthly show on Resonance FM February 2010

Artists- The Law and Activism

In this month’s Art Monthly show host Matt Hale talks to Art Monthly writers Colin Perry and Gavin Grindon. Colin Perry has written about artists who use the law as an artistic medium; something that can be manipulated and tested. He is joined by Gavin Grindon who writes about art and activism. Gavin Grindon has recently returned from the Climate Conference in Copenhagen and he tells us about the new forms of art and activism he saw out there.

Art Monthly magazine’s talk programme on Resonance FM started in February 2009 and is broadcast on the second Friday of each month at 5pm. In each show Art Monthly critics discuss their writing in the latest issue.

The programme is presented by Matt Hale who has worked at Art Monthly since 1991

Previous episodes are available on Art Monthly’s website www.artmonthly.co.uk/events.htm

Art Monthly magazine offers an informed and comprehensive guide to the latest developments in contemporary art.

Fiercely independent, Art Monthly’s news and opinion sections provide regular information and polemics on the international art scene. It also offers In-depth interviews and features; reviews of exhibitions, performances, films and books; art law; auction reports and exhibition listings

Art Monthly magazine is indispensable reading!

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