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Hello GoodBye – 16.11.13 – Ft: The Bara Bara Band, Civil Civic + Pit Ponies

Civil Civic (Aaron Cupples)
Pit Ponies
The Bara Bara Band

Today’s Hello GoodBye features live music from The Bara Bara Band and Pit Ponies plus an interview and pre-recorded live set from Civil Civic.

The Bara Bara Band – Escape Clinch Mountain (LIVE SESSION)
The Bara Bara Band – Not The Last Act (LIVE SESSION)
The Bara Bara Band – Girl With The Raven Hair (LIVE SESSION)
The Bara Bara Band – Cave Light (LIVE SESSION)
Purple Pilgrims – Druidic Dreamer
The Bara Bara Band – ‘Interview’
Madame Pamita – No Bad News
Stereocillia – Dawn Chorus
Sebastian Melmoth – Miet Mitzvah
Civil Civic – Sky Delay (PRE-RECORDED LIVE)
Civil Civic’s Aaron Cupples – ‘Interview’
Civil Civic – Street Trap (PRE-RECORDED LIVE)
Pit Ponies – The Madding Crowd (LIVE SESSION)
Pit Ponies – Furies (LIVE SESSION)
Pit Ponies – Deptford Love Song (LIVE SESSION)
Pit Ponies – Terminal Fool (LIVE SESSION)
The Leonard Cohen – In / Out
The Len Bright Combo – The House Burned Down
Pit Ponies – ‘Interview’

Live presenters: deXter Bentley + Dan Frost
Live sound engineer: Tom Kemp assisted by Lisa Geurts and Beth Rogers