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Who knows what fruits the lord will provide him with on the day.

Harmon e. Phraysier: Bush-ido

Natalie Imbruglia reports on a new miltaristic cult dedicated to a famous POTUS. This episode begins with a scathing criticism of the Harmon e Phrasier show.

Harmon e. Phraisyar: War Burgers & Friendly Fries

Another exciting lucky-dip into Harmon’s satirical pot; This week we join the charming Iraqui “freedom-fighters”, Chemical Ali and Chemical Sally in their bio-weapons research lab.

Harmon e. Phraisyar: One-K Modem

Time to get our your hyper-text marker-pens and take copious notes on your internet server thingy as Professor L. Ron Breful explains one of the mysteries of this steam-driven age: The Internet.