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Monstrous perversions of political geometry – March 26: 12-1pm

Monstrous perversions of the laws of political geometry – throughout the day of protest on March 26th Resonance FM broadcast live reportage from the streets of London covering the gargantuan anti-cuts march and other exciting feeder action.

Presented by Will Luscombe. Studio engineer : Tim Abbott. Executive Producer: Richard Thomas

Ian Bone – Fighting The Cuts 4

Veteran anarchist and agitator Ian Bone… discussed/items featured: DayX(3), Class War (the hits), future strategies… broadcast on December 14th 2010.

Ian Bone – Fighting The Cuts 1

Veteran anarchist and agitator Ian Bone in conversation with veteran anarchist and agitator Martin Wright.

Ian Bone – Fighting The Cuts 3

Episode 3: In anticipation of  Thursday‘s parliamentary vote on the £9000 tuition fees cap and further Days of Action on Wednesday and Thursday, veteran anarchist and agitator Ian Bone presents his guide to fighting the cuts at 1:00pm today. Joining Ian today are film maker and Whitechapel Anarchist Group member Greg Hall and Andy Meinke editor of Freedom and Fitwatch stalwart.