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The Low Carbon Show: The Ghost of Climate Future

“The Low Carbon Show” springs into life with an interview with Mark Lynas, author of “High Tide: News from a warming world”, “Collins Carbon Counter” and “Six Degrees: our future on a warming planet”. An informal interview taking in Mark’s review of the scientific literature on the impacts of global warming and how his own low carbon lifestyle affords him a “supreme” quality of life. A kind of “ghost of Christmas future” apparition before we concentrate on the green shoots of our post-carbon future.

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Panel Borders: How Gay Are Comics? Pt.1

Patricia JeresAlex Fitch talks to Patricia Jeres about gay representation in comics, both on the page and behind the writer / artist’s pen. Patricia is an advisory board member of Prism comics – a company that promotes LGBT creators in the medium – and previously worked for DC.

This is the first episode of Resonance FM’s new show about the world of comics… Alex Fitch and Duncan Nott talk to writers, artists and publishers about sequential art, graphic novels and four colour periodicals. Also: episodes presented by comic creators interviewing colleagues about their inspirations and love of the art form. At 15 mins / week, it’s the length of time your average 32 page comic takes to read!

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Original broadcast: 28th June ’07 on 104.4 FM (mp3 format, 13.5mb)

Flomotion Podcast #4: Jamie Woon

Nick Luscombe hooks up with Jamie Woon to discuss his influences, music production methods and future plans. Includes exclusive live tracks from this extraordinary young musician.

Flomotion Podcast #3: Justin Nozuka

Nick Luscombe talks to new talent Justin Nozuka about his brand new album “Holly”.

Only eighteen years old, singer songwriter Justin Nozuka is tipped to be a huge success this year when he releases his debut album.

Justin was born in New York, but moved to Canada at the age of eight following his parents’ divorce. From there he was sent to an international boarding school where he learnt to play the guitar and started developing his songwriting craft.

Justin made his first tentative steps into the music industry at a four-day songwriting workshop in 2005. Following that event he was introduced to a few influential players in the Canadian music business. An A & R executive from Universal Music in Canada, was in the audience at Justin’s first ever solo show, and offered to fund some demos. These recordings eventually led to the development of Justin’s first album.

Flomotion Podcast #2: Ben Westbeech

Nick Luscombe talks to new brit talent Ben Westbeech about his brand new album “Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life”.

“What i like most about the debut album from Ben Westbeech (“Welcome to the Best Years of Your Life” released March 26th) is the sense of stepping into someone’s life – running around the city, having fun, experiencing highs and lows….all set to a soundtrack fusing jazz, soul, drum & bass and hip hop. When I met Ben for our interview on my second Flomotion podcast he explained to me that the record was an honest portarayl of his experiences. Clearly Ben Westbeech is the latest Brit talent destined for great things.” nick luscombe:flomotion

Curzon Cinemas: Podcast #1

The first Curzon podcast gives you the chance to hear from the filmmakers themselves. This month we feature THE LIVES OF OTHERS director, and the team behind hotly anticipated American indy HALF NELSON. In addition, we also outline what’s coming up in the next month at the Curzon Cinemas in Soho, Chelsea, Renoir, Mayfair and the Richmond Filmhouse.

With thanks to Resonance FM, Tom at Axiom Films and Matt Bochenski at the Church of London publishing house.

Presented by Alex Fitch.

Audio is copyright of Curzon Cinemas.

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Flomotion Podcast #1: Fink

Nick Luscombe interviews emerging artists and more established cutting edge musicians and producers.

For the first Flomotion podcast Nick Luscombe is joined by Sideshow (aka Ninja Tune recording artist Fink) to check out tracks from the stunning download only album of the same name and to discover more about the new phenomenon of Dub House.

Midnight Sex Talk – Kids

Midnight Sex Talk – Kids

After football stories and debates about licensing hours, the next most popular subject in today’s news seems to be children; and it’s usually yet another crime, either committed by them, or done to them. Anecdotally, if you sit down with a group of people and talk about the worst thing about living in their area, the answer is very likely going to be the children – drugs, vandalism, stealing and violence.

On the other hand, plenty of people are still having children and then subjecting them to awful lives, whether intentionally or not. It’s heartbreaking. (Despite all this, anti-abortionists are gaining ground. If they get their way, are they going to commit to looking after all those extra unwanted children?)

So where does this leave sex? If it’s not teenage pregnancies (in the UK the highest in Europe), it’s the spread of STIs, and, god help us, rapes – of each other, and adults too.

So what’s going wrong? Because something is. Something’s blocking the flow of information (and understanding about self-respect) between adults and children. Despite all the programmes, articles, books, leaflets and clinics, nothing’s changing.

In the studio we’ve got artist and mother Tracey Moberly, and we spoke to Dr Petra Boynton over the phone.

This show was first broadcast on Sunday 30th January 2005. Midnight Sex Talk is resting for a while, but if you want to drop us a line, or tell us what you’d like to hear more of, you can email us any time at midnightsextalk at gmail dot com.

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Rhythm Incursions: Mr Trick’s “Hella Flossy” mix

Apologies for not posting much in the last month or so; with a baby arriving any time now and a housemove on the way things have been a bit hectic. Sorry all!

Anyway, by way of apology, here is a treat for you all: the Hella Flossy mix Trick dropped on Jonny Reggae‘s radio show in Brighton a month or so back. This was done as promo for the mighty Up The Anti mix that is now out in stores, so if you like what you hear, be sure to head out and look up the mix. I won’t front: we need the sales on that shit if the likes of Needlework and Rhythm Inc are to keep churning out releases!

Click to download the Hella Flossy Mix (66Mb)

Music in the mix includes exclusive treats from the ever-sublime Mat Young and Joey Beats (who dropped everything to supply an instrumental version of his killer Cunnylynguists remix – thanks Joe!), not to mention an exclusive Fink remix by yours truly, some EdIT, a Mashit tribute, me and Wax’s “I KILL YOU WITH MY MIND!” track and much more…

And, if you like what you hear, head on over to any of these online stores to snap up the Up The Anti mix:

USA: Underground Hip Hop dot com

UK: Rough Trade Records (or Selectadisc if you prefer)

For other countries, just click this link to open up the Google search on the CD – god knows there’s stores all over the damn place stocking it, from Japan to the Czech Republic and beyond…