Panel Borders: Remembering Jack Kirby part 2

Panel Borders: Remembering Jack Kirby part 2
Originally broadcast live 01/05/08 on Resonance 104.4 FM

The second half of Alex Fitch’s conversation with Barry Forshaw, contributor to Jack Kirby Collector magazine and Mark Evanier author of Jack Kirby – King of comics. The show, originally recorded and transmitted live on Resonance FM, on the eve of the release of the Iron Man movie, is looking at the work of Jack Kirby and the characters he drew and co-created. This half of the programme concentrates on the Marvel movies based on his work.

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Comics news:

9-23 May 2008 12 – 6pm at the Centre for new drawing in London:

The Centre for Recent Drawing presents Diary Drawing, an exhibition curated by Sarah Lightman. Diary Drawing brings together disparate types of visual journals and autobiographical graphic novels to examine drawing and diary making as process of thinking and acting, fundamental to human experience. Diary Drawing explores the application of line as a means of documenting, rendering and transcribing intimate and individual histories to a public audience. The exhibition features the work of Gabrielle Bell, David Blandy, Oliver East, Alex Fox, Miriam Katin, Sarah Lightman, Lady Lucy, Mio Matsumoto, Rutu Modan, Ariel Schrag, Rebecca Swindell

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Tomorrow 09/05/08 – Sunday 11/05/08

The Bristol International Comics Expo takes place at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall. Guests include Walt and Louise Simonson, Jim Starlin, Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, Mark Buckingham, Mike Ploog and many others. More info at

Including: 11/05/08 1.30pm: 2008 Gay Comics Panel – As gay comics seem to have increasing presence on bookshelves following 2007’s release of Fun Home and a great many Yaoi titles, host Alex Fitch talks to experts and comic creators about whether increasing gay representation is just a flash in the pan or signals genuine mainstream interest. The panel includes Paul Gravett (Great British Comics), David Shenton (Get Her!, The Shentons) and Yishan Li (Mammoth Book of Best New Manga 2).

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