Electric Sheep podcast: Modern Hauntings

Electric Sheep podcast: Modern Hauntings

Alex Fitch talks to a pair of directors who made their first films on very low budgets and deal with subjects of hauntings that are to do as much with memory as anything supernatural. Eduardo Sánchez discusses his debut film The Blair Witch Project and his latest movie, Lovely Molly, which follows a young woman’s mental breakdown while being tormented by the ghosts of her past. Also, in an interview recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON, Shawn Holmes talks about his micro-budget feature Memory Lane which sees an Afghanistan veteran cheating death repeatedly to revisit his memories of a dead girlfriend and solve the riddle of her death.

Posters for Memory Lane and Lovely Molly

Posters for Memory Lane and Lovely Molly

Visit www.archive.org, for more info and formats you can stream / download.

Links: Memory Lane and Lovely Molly websites
Info about the Memory Lane screening at SCI-FI-LONDON
Interview with Eduardo Sánchez about his previous film, Seventh Moon

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