Hello GoodBye Show 26 May 2012: Extradition Order and Niall Spooner Harvey

Warrington born London based anti-folk troubadors Extradition Order provide the live music on the show today while poet Niall Spooner Harvey provides the proes.

Built with an equal love of Benjamin Britten and Mark E Smith, Extradition Order like to tell dark stories in a wild way. However, it was a chance meeting between the singer of Extradition Order, aged 8, and Jerry Lee Lewis that formed the idea that failure comes to us all but rock and roll is the glorious revenge. And revenge solves everything.

Their new 12? vinyl release is split into two EPs “Our Thoughts on Failure” documenting the realisation that you’re just not going to be everything you wanted to be, and “Our Thoughts on Revenge” which talks of the steady, silent anger that results.

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Track list:

Ariel Pink + R. Stevie Moore – No Zipper
Extradition Order – A Shot (LIVE SESSION)
Extradition Order – Canoe (LIVE SESSION)
Extradition Order – Paris France (LIVE SESSION)
The Nightingales – Someone For Everyone
The Make-Up – Hold It
The Make-Up – Here Comes The Judge
Extradition Order – ‘Interview’
Nature – In A Place
Niall Spooner Harvey – Good Words & Bad Words (LIVE SESSION)
Niall Spooner Harvey – ‘Interview’
Way THrough – Entangled Bank
Extradition Order – Push Her (LIVE SESSION)
Extradition Order – In A Nice Way (LIVE SESSION)
Extradition Order – Peter Grimes (LIVE SESSION)
Bobby Conn – Face Blind
Niall Spooner Harvey – Stop Interrupting My Fairy Story Please Political Cartoonists (LIVE SESSION)
Niall Spooner Harvey – How Do I Own A House (LIVE SESSION)
Niall Spooner Harvey – Please Forgive Me (LIVE SESSION)
Niall Spooner Harvey – You Trod All Over My Begonias (LIVE SESSION)

Live sound engineers: Leanne Bower, Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield.