Panel Borders: Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s Hypercomics

Originally broadcast 06/03/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

In the first of this month’s 40 min specials, Alex Fitch talks to webcomics pioneer Daniel Merlin Goodbrey whose comics work includes everything from Far Side style gag strips, to semi-photographic science-fiction and interactive ‘hypercomics’ and ‘hyperfiction’ on his website which mix elements of computer games, animation and comic strips to beguiling effect.

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Links: Daniel’s website –
Review of Daniel’s work at
Info on the ComICA Collaborators performance by Daniel and other other artists last autumn

Comics news…The nominations for this year’s Eagle Awards have started the roll of honour (at the bottom of the page) – at the risk of being terribly egotistical, may I suggest me, Alex Fitch in the category of “entrepreneur whose achievements have… increased public awareness (of comics)”? (I know it says “in print”, but then I do publicise the show in [electronic] print)…
If we can get Oli Smith’s London Underground Comics video podcasts listed under favourite TV / film (going for the loosest definition of the words), that would be great too, not to mention Oliver Lambden’s Tales from the Flat as best B/W British Comic and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey as best new writer…