Hello GoodBye Show 7 April 2012: Pissinboy & James Alec Hardy

Multi-national London based trio Pissinboy perform live in session with a selection of tunes taken from the new album ‘Emily‘.

Pissinboy’s sound is dirty and low-fi, with elements of pop, folk, garage and bored British punk.

Also, in celebration of 10 Years of The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show the artist & filmaker James Alec Hardy visits the studio to discuss his ‘Decadia Broadcast System’ exhibition taking place at the Home Front gallery in Herne Hill, South London from Saturday 14th April until the end of the month.

Decadia Broadcast System is an archive of video footage shot behind the scenes at Hello GoodBye over the years and shown as a temporal monument, in the form of a totemic street sound system.

NB* On Saturday 14th April Hello GoodBye will broadcast live from Home Front, as part of the opening event of the exhibition, and further celebration of a decade of broadcasting.

Track List:

Unit – Hup Soon Heng
Design a Wave – Remedy (HG archive)
The Pheromoans – The Children of the Beatles (HG archive)
One True Dog – It’s a Delay (HG archive)
Khaos Alberto – Wizard Launch (HG archive)
Sergeant Buzfuz – Hole In The Wall (HG archive)
The Skinjobs – Money In The Bank (HG archive)
Way Through – Your Hand Hold, For I Have No More (excerpt)
Pissinboy – Six for a Fiver (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – Left Temple (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – You are Never There (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – Gentlemen of Leisure (LIVE SESSION)
Pissinboy – She’s the One (LIVE SESSION)
Julia Holter – Try To Make Yourself a Work of Art
Pissinboy – ‘Interview’
Brickface – White Witch Hunt (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)
James Alec Hardy – ‘Interview’
Team B – Have You Got a Pulse (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)
James Alec Hardy – ‘Interview’
James III & B.C. – ? (James Alec Hardy’s HG archive)

Live sound engineering: Kacper Ziemianin, Leanne Bower & Joe Oldfield