Wavelength – Missing Persons

Today sees the start of extended 60 minute Wavelength programmes, beginning at 14:30. “Cambridge 1969” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono from Unfinished Music No.2, Life with the Lions, lasting just over 26 minutes, the last section accompanied by John Stevens on percussion and John Tchicai on saxophone. At the time of its release, George Martin commented “No Comment”. During the programme; two calls for missing persons or at least persons missing to me: Artist Janice Kerbel, author of “15, Lombard Street” published by book works in 2001 which outlines a detailed plan for robbing Coutts Bank in the City of London. The second call goes out to Orin Anderson from South Carolina who studied English Literature at Leicester University in the 1970s and donated a demo single for my wooden Bal Ami jukebox. The single “Adam” might be unique, on the Richland label. Any information about either of these people would be appreciated. The programme finished with “Objects and Spaces” by Audio Arts, a flimsy transparent flexidisc issued with the catalogue for The Sculpture Show in 1983.