Wavelength – 11/11/11

As usual, the Wavelength clock chimed eleven today; Friday 11th of the 11th month 2011 so today’s programme features 11 tracks in a countdown from 11 to zero. I failed ‘O’ level Maths so I’ve had to cheat a bit… track 8 includes track 4 and the first track by The Stanley Brothers is called “Molly and Tenbrook”, actually second track as we’ve already had eleven… and this was recorded in 1948, originally released as a 78rpm record on the Rich-R-Tone label. Track number 9 is William Burroughs from Break Through in Grey Room; “K-9 was in combat with the Alien Mind Screens” (1965) and will have to be faded out otherwise we won’t reach zero in time. Track 8, counting down, or track 3 or 4 counting the clock, includes track 4; “Eight Men, Four Women” by O.V. Wright which refers to a jury not an orgy. Track 7, number 7 of 11 on this 11th day of the 11th month 2011, is “7 Consonants in Space” by Lily Greenham. Track 6 is “Six Six Sixties” from Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits. Track 5 is “Five Long Years for One Man” by Odea Mathews recorded in Louisiana Penitentiary in 1959. Track 4, or number 8 in the running order was, if you remember, also track 8 which was track 4 in the running order, by O.V. Wright who was born in 1939 and died in 1980, so we will move on to track 3; “Three Times a Fool” by Otis Rush recorded in 1957, followed in quick succession by tracks 2,1, zero; “You Can’t Love Two” by Ike and Tina Turner, a white label 45rpm single by Rude Ass Tinker which samples “One” by Nilsson and finally “Nothing” by Contraption Number 37.