Wavelength – Untitled.

A regular customer, called Richard, came in to the book shop where I “work” and asked me how to pronounce the name of the artist Peter Doig to which I facetiously suggested “Do-ig”. He thought that with my Dutch connection I might have suggested “Doigh” but as Doig isn’t Dutch or Flemish this was fairly illogical. I had always thought that Doig was Canadian but actually he was born in Scotland. At this point, a woman who was in the shop browsing through catalogues and ephemera relating to failed artists, joined in and said: “My friend wants to marry Peter Doig. She was taught by him in Stourbridge. The problem is that he’s already married, has five children and lives in Trinidad”. Richard looked thoughtful and I asked him if he would be buying the book on Volker which he had nearly finished reading. The tracks this week are L’Amour est Belle by Chantal Robette; Wapusk by Kathleen Edwards; The Way it Will Be by Gillian Welch; Republique by Winter Family, a duo from Jerusalem and Paris featuring the voice of Ruth Rosenthal and a short track by Martha Grunenwaldt.