Wavelength – William English and William English

Googling my own name, first past the post is William Hill Bookmaker even though I’ve Googled William English. Second by a short head is William English filmmaker and broadcaster (me) and then running into third place by a nose is William English Post Punk group from somewhere near Thetford. The idea of a group calling itself William English is quite strange and intriguing. I briefly surmise that a group of Estuary Post Punks are avid Wavelength listeners and are so impressed that they decide to call themselves after me but it turns out they’ve never heard of me and are named after William English Walling the radical American socialist. After contacting the group I now have a printed tee shirt with two crossed flintlock pistols and William English emblazoned across the front and a CD. William English, the group, have a new CD coming out soon and they will be guests on the programme in October. Playlist: Nelson’s County from Home by William English (not me) 2010. Sequence of short ads from 78rpm Victrola Favourites. Melancholy, debut single from Louise and The Pins (featuring Martha Wainwright). Chair, debut single by Big Deal. Never in my Life, by Mountain. Final Alert (Euro Jaxx) by Mixed Bizness. Monad by Bruce Gilbert. Beauty Strange by Louise and The Pins, flip side of debut single.