Wavelength – Plundered Classics

Plundered Classics mixed and mashed with Broken Music by Milan Knizak who started to destroy records in 1965, scratching, breaking, punching holes, destroying the needle and often the record player. Broken Music was curated and assembled by Walter Marchetti and released as a record in 1979. John Oswald: Plunderphonics; Beethoven, Glenn Gould and Stravinsky’s “Spring” from the EP issued in 1985. Alfred 23 Harth “Anything Goes” 1986 which mixes John Oswald, John Zorn and Heiner Goebbels just to compound the mixture. Strauss and Chopin from More Encores by Christian Marclay, Satie versus Wagner by Fuckintosh and Fragments by John Wall from Alterstill.