Wavelength – Survival Research Laboratories

As yet, I haven’t found any connection between this week’s subjects and Leicester. The following tracks are from a CD on the sub rosa label called Survival Research Laboratories, an outfit founded by Mark Pauline in 1978. Since its inception the SRL operated as an organisation of technicians staging over 50 performances in the USA, Japan and Europe which have been imitated by various cable TV channels, Robot Wars being one example. Mark Pauline was joined in 1979 by noisician; GX Jupitter-Larsen, founder member of post punk crew The Haters who started by tearing paper and eventually blew up hillsides. The tracks on this CD date from 1992 to 1998, recorded in Graz, Austria, Austin Texas and San Francisco. There are several videos of SRL performances on YouTube including links to Weird Weapons of World War 2. Survival Research Laboratories: