Wavelength – Break Through in Grey Room.

Opening statement about radio as therapy from a slightly confused Captain Maurice Seddon from his hospital bed in Slough. “Present Time Exercises” by William Burroughs from Break Through in Grey Room. At the beginning of this track made on cassette in London in 1971 using radio, television and several tape recorders we hear the distinctive growl of Burroughs reference a certain Mr. Peter Gidal (“Mister Peeder Geedaal…”); the eminent avant-garde filmmaker. “I am Strange” and “I am an Instrument” by Sun Ra, previously unissued early recordings issued by Norton Records as a single vinyl 45rpm record in 2009. “Burroughs called the Law” and “Sound Piece” both also from Break Through in Grey Room. Three tracks by Felix Kubin from “Psykoscifipoppia” 2003 and “Automato idee 2” also by Kubin from the CD id/cd. Four short tracks by Yakatsuma Eye and Otomo Yoshihide from a white label vinyl EP.