Wavelength – Salvador Dali flexidisc

A disparate selection of 45rpm vinyl singles: 1. a flexidisc by Salvador Dali: L’Apotheose du Dollar. 2. Michael Prime: Skeet Hill, pipistrelle bats recorded feeding in Hollow Lane, Skeet Hill, Chelsfield. 3. Toshiyuki Kobayashi: Radio Gagaku. 4. Charles Aznavour: Yerushalaim. 5. The Hitmachine: IE OE AA. 6. Nokia Connecting People: mainpal inv. 7. Baby Jane Holzer: Nowhere. 8. Rude Ass Tinker: white label. 9. The White Stripes: Baby Brother. 10. Volcano the Bear: supplement to some copies of the LP Yak Folks Y’are.