Wavelength – Chinese Experimental Music

The choice is yours: Tracks from a recent 4 CD set issued by Sub Rosa: An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music; An Overview of Experimental and Non-Academic Music in China. This anthology features 48 artists from within the Chinese area of influence. “j gmc” by Hong Qile, “Chi” by PNF, “Eat” by Li Wen Tai aka Vince Li, “It’s more than enough” by Yan Jun, “A dark knife” by D!O!D!O!D!/Li Jianhong + Huangjin. Intro and occasionally throughout: “Victory News Spreads Thru Mountain Villages” and “Tachai’s Bumper Harvest” (Tachai is the name of a commune brigade which is setting the pace in Chinese agriculture) Folk Instrumental Music from the Maoist era.