Wavelength – Destruction in Art part 1

Part one of a series on auto-destructive Art and Music coinciding with an exhibition curated by David Toop and Tony Herrington at The Flat Time House, South London called Blow Up: Exploding Sound and Noise, London/Brighton 1959-1969. David Toop will be along next week to talk about the exhibition. The July edition of The Wire includes an article called Brotherhood of the Bomb. By another coincidence a conference took place at UCLA called Sonic Doom: Decay, Disease and Destruction in Music on June 4th and 5th, sponsored by Echo; a music centered journal. Other guests lined up for July include artist Michael Landy to talk about his own auto-destructive art practice, Nicky Hamlyn will talk about film that destroys itself and curator Mathieu Copeland co-author of Voids will talk about Voids possibly. Today’s programme starts with 3 different versions of Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere by The Who, played simultaneously, followed by a 4 minute extract of Guitar Drag by Christian Marclay and then Turntable Solo by Otomo Yoshihide.