Hello GoodBye Show 3 March 2012: Astrakan, Tanya Auclair, Bird’s Eye View

Both Astrakan and Tanya Auclair return to Hello GoodBye this Saturday lunchtime to perform live in session.

Astrakan are undoubtedly influenced by jazz and progressive music the band has been described by some commentators as continuing a line of British bands started by the likes of Henry Cow and earlier Soft Machine (Third and Fourth). The band see themselves as multi-influenced post-fusionists with an open ear for any and all means to convey their ideas however. Familiar descriptive labels either seem to be inadequate or inaccurate, so they prefer to let listeners do their own categorising.

Hailing from West London, via Canada and Rwanda – Tanya Auclair’s musical upbringing straddled very different worlds. Her lo-fi adventures in experimental pop are a beguiling mix of playful DIY drums, layers of voice, intricate uke and guitar melodies and touches of electronica. Citing influences as wide-ranging as “Bongo Joe”

Coleman, Fever Ray, Matthew Herbert, Juana Molina and E.S.G, her open instinctive approach shows in the territory she covers from the 60s doowop, delicate folk, to feverish rhythms and oscillating synths.

An excitement for music made from ‘minimal means’ has given rise to her distinctive sound and compelling one-woman-band show. She builds her songs live, sampling her voice with a loop pedal and playing different instruments.

The multi-instrumentalist has worked with the likes of Matthew Herbert’s Big Band Ensemble, Charlie Dark, Yult and Arista Hawkes, featured on Brownswood Bubblers 7 and is currently working on a film score commission for the Birds Eye View Festival.

And in conjunction with Resonance FM’s current fundraising drive the Hello GoodBye Show is selling off a show minute by minute – at the rate of £10 per minute!Use the time to promote your band/cause/political views/small business/megaglobal corporation. Email us at: dexterbentley@hotmail.com to find out how to buy time on our ‘Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show 2012? (scheduled for broadcast on Saturday 31st March between noon and 1.30pm)

Last year we sold all 90 minutes and a bit more (we went over into the next week’s show) making just over £900 for Resonance FM, let’s see if we can beat that this year!

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Track list:
Catatonic Youth – I’ve Had It
Baaneex – Weird Dance 8
Astrakan – The Giver You Get (LIVE SESSION)
Astrakan – Over Flooded (LIVE SESSION)
Astrakan – Spell (LIVE SESSION)
O-ARC – Dear Friend (HG archive)
Astrakan – ‘Interview’
Circuit Breaker – Syrinx
Now – Horsham
Jeffrey Lewis – Dog Eat Dog
Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – I’ve Left The New World Order
Roshi & Pars Radio – Lor Bache (HG archive)
Interview with Rachel Millward (co-founder of the Birds Eye View Festival)
Tanya Auclair – Tough Nut To Crack (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Origami (LIVE SESSION)
Tanya Auclair – Sverige (LIVE SESSION)
Jude Hag Vs. The Hand of Stabs – We Need Two Each
Tanya Auclair – ‘Interview’

Live sound engineers: Kacper Zienianin & Tom Kemp