Six Pillars – Sound Art and Tescos

Shervin Shaeri, aka Mutant Jukebox, was a student who engineered at Resonancefm. Now he is a sound artist with his own sound design company, a major string of affiliations with a show-reel to match.

His experiences coming to UK in the 90’s throws another small light on the Six Pillars map of the Iranian diaspora. Defying convention and embracing logic, he was singled out at school for using a spoon to eat his rice with and after a childhood spent in an impoverished country, his account of his first Tescos experience makes for great listening. At a time when the UK caters for Asian (Indian) culture above others, especially in the media, MutantJ has ridden the brown tiger and had his tracks played on BBC Asian Network.

Sote's DastgaahAlso, out of love we play more of Sote’s Dastgaah, and Mastom by Roshi.

This programme was recorded at Resonancefm studios, London. It was engineered and presented by Fari Bradley on 22nd October 2007. Six Pillars to Persia is on Resonancefm Mondays at 1.30pm