Hello GoodBye Show 4 February 2012: Izes and Goodbye Leopold

Arriving all the way from Poland to perform live in session on the show today is the artist Izes. Also; lending their choral talents to the show we have Goodbye Leopold.

After her debut as an actress in Barry Adamson’s movie “Therapist“, started to work on her solo project as a singer and composer, cooperating with polish improv musicians Marek Rogulski, Andrzej Izdebski, Michal Gos, Irek Wojtczak and classic violonist Ewa Kaszuba. She returned to acting, playing a role in the punk-rock group Vulgar in their music video for “Tschenstahau”, which premieres in early 2012.

Izes is an artist that experiments within many areas of art. She has worked with photographers Sylwia Makris and Christian Weiss and clothing designer/artist Bartholomäus Wischnewski. As well as creating visualisations and short films she also composes music for shows (most recently for the Theaterkontor in Bremen (Germany) for the project Urban Desert, collaborating with director Tobias Pflug.)

Goodbye Leopold combine the ethereal sound of three blended voices, choreography and a unique aesthetic to communicate their ideas, intrigues and passions. Their holistic approach to delivering music stimulates all the senses. Their focus is to create alluring atmospheres within which the audience is easily connected to the concept the piece is illustrating whilst being given the freedom to imagine their own meaning. Their work is either self- composed or their original arrangements of obscure songs from across the globe. They experiment with the extremities of the human voice with improvisation, adopting abstract sounds and techniques and playing with tension and release in their dynamics. Each Goodbye Leopold set explores a different concept. At the moment Goodbye Leopold are experimenting with singing Christmas Carols in reverse.

Track list:
Unit – The Signals*
Izes – Execution (LIVE SESSION)
Izes – No Future (LIVE SESSION)
Izes – Purgatory’s Gate (LIVE SESSION)
Izes – White Devil (LIVE SESSION)
Izes – Blood (LIVE SESSION)
Barry Adamson – Aaa Kotki Dwa (from soundtrack to ‘Therapist’)
Izes – ’Interview’
One True Dog – Dog
Lime Headed Dog – Proof
Slate Islands – Trial Seperation
Sergeant Buzfuz – God To Holloway
Goodbye Leopold – My Ach Ba (LIVE SESSION)
Goodbye Leopold – A Picture Of You (LIVE SESSION)
Goodbye Leopold – Yovano (LIVE SESSION)
Goodbye Leopold – Yarsh (LIVE SESSION)
Goodbye Leopold – Sonnet (LIVE SESSION)
Goodbye Leopold – Chant (LIVE SESSION)
Flameprooth Moth – Thomas Rhymer (HG archive)
Goodbye Leopold – ’Interview’
Peepholes – Step One

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin, Leanne Bower & Tom Kemp.

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