OST 21.01.2012 – Fred Judd, Ian Helliwell & Public Information

Soundtracks, library and television music with Jonny Trunk. Today Ian Helliwell is coming onto the OST Show. Ian lives in Brighton, is somewhat of an archivist and dare we say it, a polymath. He has spent the last few years, investigating (amongst many other things) the life and work of a certain F.C. Judd. Frederick Judd was responsible for some very early electronic music in the UK, wrote extensively on the subject and much of his musical work was issued on the Studio G library label. Ian has also made a full length film about this great, inventive man, ‘Practical Electronics’ and a new compilation of his Judd’s work ‘Electronics Without Tears’ is about to be released on the rather marvellous Public Information label. And pretty fabulous they both are too. The stage is set for a journey into the deeply strange and utterly wondrous soundworld. And don’t be fooled by the skip in the first few seconds, this is actually a lovely high-quality 320kbps mp3 file, which as you will know is CD quality. We really are too good to you…

2 thoughts on “OST 21.01.2012 – Fred Judd, Ian Helliwell & Public Information

  1. Audiovoyeur

    Hi Mr Trunk and folks,

    Loving the podcasts, fantastic music! Loving the higher quality 320kbs upload too.

    Being an audiophile I just wanted to let you know that 320kbps isn’t CD quality although it is the highest MP3 quality available. MP3 files are perceptually transparent, meaning that although they are not “full” CD quality in the sense that lossless files can produce bit-for-bit reproductions, they can sound equivilent.

    Apple Lossless (and other lossless codecs, like FLAC) files are “full” CD quality if you are encoding from a CD. They are mathematically lossless, meaning that you could convert a WAV rip to Apple Lossless, convert that Apple Lossless file back to WAV, and you would get an exact bit-for-bit match between the two files.

    Hope that hasn’t just sounded pedantic.


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