Hello GoodBye Show 21 January 2012: Temperatures and Tiger Walking Downhill

We have a good and wholesome, double dosage of pure and unadulterated noise planned for this lunchtime with live performance’s from Temperatures and Tiger Walking Downhill.

Jetting in from up the Kingsland Road we have Dalston’s Temperatures, the improvised avant rock duo comprised of Peter Blundell (bass) and James Dunn (drums/synth). Temperatures’ sound (no ‘The’) is a guttural, dense and relentless unleashing of some intense unspecified emotion (is it anger, is it hate, is it love?), by turns hypnotically repetitious and wildly tangential.

“Mankind’s destiny is played out in primal terms on this exciting LP, a blistering recorded performance.” Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector / Resonance FM.

“It’s really this dark-hole of noise-playing. It’s actually really distinctive in a way amongst that genre, because there’s a lot of standardized tropes in the noise genre that people fall into– which I don’t mind, I like the idea that this is traditional way of playing in that world, but it’s always cool to hear something like this where you can’t really slot it into those things” – Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth (from OhNoTheyDidnt.LiveJournal.com)

Also, hear our regular Hello GoodBye Show sound engineer Kacper Zienianin navigate an on-air roll reversal, leaping from behind the scenes to centre stage with his Noise-Improv outfit; Tiger Walking Downhill.

Track list:
Mucky Sailor – Requiem for a Sports Car
Temperatures – Zen Brick (LIVE SESSION)
Tylehurst Children’s Arkestra – Four Hours in the Lettuce Factory
Temperatures – ‘Interview’
Imbogodom – Bvsh Hovse Ghost
Paper Dollhouse – Moon
One Unique Signal – Villains
Tiger Walking Downhill – ‘Untitled’ (LIVE SESSION)
Lime-Headed Dog – Barcelona
Tiger Walking Downhill – ‘Interview’

Live sound engineers: Leanne Bower, Tom Kemp & Joe Oldfield

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