Hello GoodBye Show: Best Sessions of 2011


We had a great year on the Hello GoodBye Show in 2011, with over 70 live performances on the show. This epic podcast compiles all the best tracks of the year, including performances from Mekons, The Monochrome Set, Jad Fair, Comus, Serafina Steer, Sexton Ming and more, plus a couple of tracks previously unbroadcast. Also included in full is the best session of the year (as chosen by Richard, Michael and our engineers Leanne and Kacper), The Oscillation.

All songs, unless noted, were recorded live in Resonance FM’s cosy Borough St studio by Leanne Bower and Kacper Ziemianin.

Happy new year from Richard and Michael, we look forward to what delights 2012 has in store for us…


Track list:

22 Jan – Hamilton Yarns: Hello
15 Jan – Smoke Fairies: Hotel Room
05 Feb – Ulysses Storm: Genie Looks to the Skies
12 Feb – Pheromoans: Derby Joan & Fosters
29 Feb – Monochrome Set: He’s Frank
26 Feb – Design-A-Wave: Remedy
12 Mar – Chips for the Poor tour diary (excerpt, recorded to cassette on the streets of Chicago)
12 Mar – Poino: Bad Bag
02 Apr – Comus: Song To Comus (engineer James Torrence)
16 Apr – Baaneex: Jumping Chinese Restaurant
07 May – Dominic Felix: Nessun Dorma
21 May – Mekons: Corporal Chalkie
28 May – Skinjobs: Money in the Pocket v Money in the Bank (pre-recorded session in the band’s kitchen!)
28 May – Gerry Mitchell and Ten: Die To Love/Faker Quaker
04 Jun – Serafina Steer: Soundcheck
04 Jun – Serafina Steer: Night Before the Mutiny
04 Jun – Lime-Headed Dog: Labrador
10 Sep – Emily & The Faves: This Time
10 Sep – Sexton Ming: Feed the Bread to the Byrds
17 Sep – Bob Rafkin: Changes
17 Sep – Fighting Kites: Cat is Egg
24 Sep – Delphic Vapours: Pink Floyd European Tour 1968
01 Oct – Zappopin’: Calves & A Hymn For Eton After The Apocalypse
08 Oct – One True Dog: It’s A Delay
15 Oct – The Protagonists of David Gadson: My Private Anarchy
22 Oct – Band Of Holy Joy: Oh What a Thing This Heart of Man
22 Jan – Duncan McAfee: Your Voice Travels, ep 1 (
22 Oct – Agathe Max: Live at XOYO (Live sound: Thom Hollands)
29 Oct – Eternal Tapestry: Live at Corsica Studios (previously unbroadcast! Live sound by: sound by Amir Shoat, thanks to Adrian Jones at Corsica)
29 Oct – Way Through: Henry My Son
05 Nov – No Cars: Geisha Girl in a Sentimental Mood
12 Nov – Patrik Fitzgerald: Inside Me There is Nothing
12 Nov – Date Palms: Honey Devash (Previously unbroadcast! Live at Cafe Oto, live sound by Antoine Bertin)
19 Nov – Horse Brothers: Good Umbridge
03 Dec – Jad Fair: I’ll Change My Style
10 Dec – The Oscillation: Waste The Day, Third Harmonic, Hear Your Sadness
17 Dec – Piney Gir: Say GoodBye

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