Hello GoodBye Show 3 December 2011: Jad Fair

Performing live in session on this week’s Hello GoodBye we had the lo-fi, living legend Jad Fair. Jad was joined by regular collaborators Mick Hobbs on guitar and Gilles Rieder on percussion.

Jad Fair embarked upon a musical career when he formed the group Half Japanese with his brother David back in the late 1970?s. Jad has since gone on to carve out an incredibly impressive and mind-bogglingly productive career, with over 50 albums to his name (including a multitude of collaborative projects with the likes of Mo Tucker, Daniel Johnston, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub and many many more.) Jad’s childlike enthusiasm and creativity remain entirely undiminished and he is nowadays almost as well known for his striking and poetic ‘Paper Cuts’ artwork as he is for his music.

A collection 109 songs from Jads gargantuan back-catalogue are currently available on the triple CD ’Beautiful Songs (The Best of Jad Fair)’ through Fire Records.

Track list:
Jess Cahill – Mon habit n’a qu’on bouton / Ou sont donc tous ces amants
Jad Fair – Song of Joy (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Secret (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Red Dress (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Candy Land / Superman (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Mule in the Corn (LIVE SESSION)
Iggy Pop – Monster Men
Jad Fair – ‘Interview 1?
Lovely Eggs – Allergies
Jail – Irene
Gentle Friendly – The Shake Up
Tiger Walking Downhill – ‘Untitled’
Rude Mechanicals – The Vicar of St. Martins
Jad Fair – Firecracker (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – Cherry Pie (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – True Believers (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – 1,000,000 Kisses (LIVE SESSION)
Jad Fair – I’ll Change My Style (LIVE SESSION)
Dead Rider – The Pointed Stick
Big Joan – Noah’s Farm
Jad Fair – ‘Interview 2?

Live sound engineers: Kacper Ziemianin & Leanne Bower