Hello GoodBye Show 26 November 2011: Jess Bryant and Roshi feat. Pars Radio

Jess Bryant returns to the show, whilst Roshi ft. Pars Radio conducts her live Hello GoodBye debut.

With her distinctive haunting voice, London based singer/songwriter Jess Bryant conjures up a seductive, melodic and melancholic modern-day folk music.

Roshi ft. Pars Radio is the band created around the beautiful individual interpretations of Iranian Folk and original songs of Roshi Nasehi and features the electronic soundscapes/beats of Graham Dids.

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Track List:
Jess Bryant – Oracle Night (LIVE SESSION)
Jess Bryant – Stone Lady (LIVE SESSION)
Alexander Tucker – Red String
Jess Bryant – In Deepest Blue (LIVE SESSION)
Jess Bryant – The Sea Is Our Skin (LIVE SESSION)
Emily & the Faves – So Long Sucker
Jess Bryant – ‘Interview’
That Fucking Tank – NWONWOBH
Poltergroom – The Elastic Goes
Petra Jean Phillipson – City Of Lost Angels
Jad Fair – Principal Punishes Students With Bad Impressions And Tired Jokes
The Oscilation – Telepathic Birdman
Fighting Kites – Conquers
Roshi ft. Pars Radio – To Bio (LIVE SESSION)
Roshi ft. Pars Radio – Night Swimming (LIVE SESSION)
Roshi ft. Pars Radio – Not Thriving (LIVE SESSION)
Roshi ft. Pars Radio – Lor Bache (LIVE SESSION)
Rude Mechanicals – Monday’s Child
Roshi ft. Pars Radio – ‘Interview’

Live sound engineers: Leanne Bower & Joe Oldfield