Sine Of The Time 15/10/2011 – Nightwave

The cutting edge of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia. This week we’re joined by one of the RBMA Madrid 1st term participants, and all round super exciting producer Nightwave. Check out the killer mix she delivered below! On top of that we’ve got a whole load of massive tunes and a 40 minute mix from our very own Rita Maia!


Tribe feat. Joan Belgrave – Where I Am (Kyle Hall Remix)
Klic – Mustard Tiger (Gerry Read Remix)

Rita Maia FACT MIx:
-Ayshay – Warn U
– VVV – All That We’ve Been Through (Forthcoming)
– Martyn – Distortions- Sepalcure – Breezin (Forthcoming)
– Throwing Snow – Shadower
– Zomby – Salamander
– Octapush – Gengibre
-Klic – Arp (Forthcoming)
– Sam Walton- Mangled Riddim
– Sully -2Hearts
– Kingsin – War Den (Shox Remix)
– Pangaea – Hex
– Submerse -Bubblin’
– Horsepower Productions – When You Hold Me
– Bassclef -Rollercoasters Of The Heart
– Visionist – Sodium
– Teeth – OJ
– Ayshay -Nguzunguzu Megamix

Ital Tek – War Of The Ants (Om Unit Remix)
Gang Colours – Dance Around The Subject (Pedestrian’s Dusty War Remix)

NightWave Sine Of The Times Mix

Inflatable Mattress – Party City
Free The Robots – Rattlesnake

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