Hello GoodBye Show 22 October 2011: Band of Holy Joy, Agathe Max and Trees & the Slipway

The Hello GoodBye Show enjoys a little inter-station, cross pollination this afternoon, with Mining For Gold host Johny Brown experiencing life from the other side of the control desk, performing live in session with his folk-punk outfit Band Of Holy Joy.

Also, making their live radio debut we have the psych-pop trio Trees & the Slipway. Plus a live gig recording from Agathe Max.

Band Of Holy Joy are fronted by Johny Brown and have been going – on and off – for nigh on 30 years now. They play punk infused folk music, the current (and rather scintilating) results of which, can soon be heard on their forthcoming album ‘How To Kill A Butterfly’ (released on Exotic Pylon Records on 28th October)

Plus, refracted through the psychedelic environs of Tamworth and Liverpool, then heading down to London when right and ready, the trio of Matthew Lees (Vocals, keyboard and guitar), Joss Cope (Vocals and bass) and Stephen Wood (Vocals, guitar) formed TREES AND THE SLIPWAY. They play guitar/Casio comedown anthems for the dispossessed, Kraut-y stompers for the still-flying, and in between, songs about mad kings and more earth(l)y things… all shot through with the outsider micro-cubed raga-pop sensibility that you will come to know and love…

Violinist Agathe Max uses loops and distortion to create densely layered ambient music which is at one moment delicate and orchestral, and the next visceral abstract noise. Agathe was in the UK from her native Lyon for two shows recently and on today’s show we bring you a live recording from her performance at XOYO.


Track listing:
David Cronenberg’s Wife – Pushing Too Hard
Band Of Holy Joy – The Observers Book Of Birds Eggs (LIVE SESSION)
Band Of Holy Joy – On The Ground Where John Wesley Walked (LIVE SESSION)
Band Of Holy Joy – Oh What A Thing This Heart Of Man (LIVE SESSION)
Misty In Roots – Bail Out
Band Of Holy Joy – Interview
Agathe Max – Live at XOYO
Agathe Max – Interview
Eternal Tapestry – Cosmic Dream
Trees And The Slipway – Crash Pad Sister (LIVE SESSION)
Trees And The Slipway – Sunday Morning Come Down Song (LIVE SESSION)
Trees And The Slipway – Spaced Out Day (LIVE SESSION)
Trees And The Slipway – 20 Years Ago (LIVE SESSION)
Benjamin Shaw – Somewhere Over The M6
Trees And The Slipway – Interview

Engineers: Kacper Zienianin & Joe Oldfield.
Live sound at XOYO: Thom Hollands