Panel Borders: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

Alex Fitch interviews writer, producer and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman about the big screen version of his illustrated novel Stardust as well as other adaptations of his work such as Anansi Boys and Neverwhere.

A BBC radio adaptation of Ananzi Boys is to be broadcast on the World Service on the 17th November* and Stardust was released in cinemas throughout the UK on Friday.
*Ignore my proclamation at the end of the episode where I suggest it’s to be broadcast on wednesday – I got the month wrong… (d’oh)

This show, the first of last week’s two episodes of Panel Borders was originally broadcast as a ‘Clear Spot’ on Monday 15th October. For more info and a selection of different file formats you can download or stream, please visit the home of this episode at (mp3 format, 14.6mb)

Links: Neil’s website
Wikipedia entries on Neil, Stardust and Anansi Boys
Official movie website
Dreamhaven’s online book shop

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