Art house Cinema: Podcast #6 – Raindance special

It’s Resonance FM‘s latest Art House cinema podcast featuring reviews of films released this month at ‘Art House’ cinemas in London and also showing at the Raindance Film Festival… This show is presented by Alex Fitch with contributions from Virginie Sélavy (editor of Electric Sheep Magazine) and Michael Hall (video shop manager and lead singer of the band Nebraska

In this episode there’s also an exclusive interview with Suzanne Ballantyne, lead programmer of the Raindance Festival.

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Films reviewed include Disturbia, Syndromes and a century, Drawing Restraint 9, The Amazing Lives of the fast-food grifters, Exhibit A and The Boss of it all.

Links: You can read print versions of Virginie’s reviews in Electric Sheep Magazine
Londonnet‘s guide to all the times and locations of all films currently showing in the Capital’s cinemas
Alex’s interview with Allan Moyle, director of festival opener Weirdsville

(mp3 format, 28mins / 26.9mb)