Angry of Islington: Episode 1

Angry of Islington -the London no cuts podcast and radio show.

Hosted by IHOOPS (Islington Hands Off Our Public Services), Angry of Islington brings you a regular round up from the Anti-Cuts movement in Islington and beyond.

Featuring  interviews with UCU activists Mark Campbell and Rob Murthwaite, health news from Rachel Eborell, a live report from the Block the (Westminster) Bridge/Block the Bill demo and music from Sunnie Day.

Presented by Steve Parry and Sinead Kirwan.
Originally Broadcast on Sunday 9th October 2011

3 thoughts on “Angry of Islington: Episode 1

  1. alexfitch

    Nearly didn’t get Panel Borders finished on time thanks to the Westminster and Lambeth Bridge blockers, they certainly didn’t get my sympathy…

  2. ND

    Yes, Alex, cos your little podcast is obviously much more important than the future of the health service, innit.

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