Hello GoodBye Show 24 September 2011: Critical Heights Special

deXter Bentley invites you to spend time in the arms of one of the UK’s newest and most innovative labels; Critical Heights.

Dedicated to unique musical artefacts in sumptuous and desirable packaging, Critical Heights has already gained plaudits for its releases by Diva and Savaging Spires amongst others.

Hear Savaging Spires play live alongside stablemates Delphic Vapours this Saturday lunchtime. The troupe will reunite later this evening for a Critical Heights curated show at the legendary Cafe Oto in Dalston headlined by the Dead Rat Orchestra.

And look at our internets…

Track list:
Simon Stanley Ward – Standing In The Rain
Dead Rat Orchestra – Joy/Sorrow
Critical Heights – Interview 1#
Diva – Glitter End
Delphic Vapours – ‘Pink Floyd European Tour 1968’ (LIVE SESSION)
Alexander Tucker – Red String
Hong Kong In The 60s – Theme From King Of China Town
Savaging Spires – Photographic Memories (LIVE SESSION)
Crater – Coalition Blues
Critical Heights – Interview 2#
Dead Rat Orchestra – Walrus Hunt
Savaging Spires – When The Devil Says He’s Dead (LIVE SESSION)
Barbados – Prelude
One True Dog – It’s A Delay
Electricity In Our Homes – You’re Doing So Well