Hello GoodBye Show 17 September 2011: Khaos Alberto, Fighting Kites and Bob Rafkin

A jam packed edition of The Hello GoodBye Show to sate your appetite this Saturday lunchtime, with live music from; Khaos Alberto, Fighting Kites and Bob Rafkin.

Hailing from London, Sheffield and Manchester, Art-Punk ensemble Khaos Alberto won’t allow a minor geographical hurdle to hinder their quest for sonic supremacy.

Fighting Kites are a North London based, instrumental Post-Rock quartet. Their new joint release with Broken Shoulder entitled ‘Split’ is soon out on Audio Antihero.

Plus, Martin Hungry-Dog joins us to discuss his Phil Ochs tribute night ‘I Phil Therefore I Am’ (@ The 12 Bar Club on Wednesday 21st September), former Ochs guitarist Bob Rafkin is headlining the event and is dropping by the studio to perform his favourite Phil Ochs tune.

Track List:
Phil Ochs – Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
Bob Rafkin & Martin Hungry-Dog – Interview
Bob Rafkin – Changes (LIVE SESSION)
Khaos Alberto – The Megatron (LIVE SESSION)
Khaos Alberto – From The Disco Fitta Of Montezuma (LIVE SESSION)
Khaos Alberto – Wizard Launch (LIVE SESSION)
Khaos Alberto – Arc Tops (LIVE SESSION)
Khaos Alberto – Brimful Of Anger (LIVE SESSION)
Supreme Vagabond Craftsmen – Luther Vandross Co:Write
Khaos Alberto – Interview
Sexton Ming – Ice Cream Mountaineering
Baaneex – Jumping Chinese Restaurant (HG Archive)
Fighting Kites – Cat Is Egg (LIVE SESSION)
Fighting Kites – Wojtek The Bear (LIVE SESSION)
Fighting Kites – Fr.. (LIVE SESSION)
Fighting Kites – Conquers (LIVE SESSION)
Horse Brothers – Hangman’s Neck
Fighting Kites – Interview
Trogons – Forge (HG Archive)