Sine Of The Times 18/06/2011 – Pictures Music

The cutting edge of London’s underground dance music scene with Thomas Lee and Rita Maia.
Who would believe that a label with a rosta boasting the likes of
Koreless, Darksky, Seams, Lapalux and Chairman Kato only started a
year ago! We were so shocked that we had to invite the guys behind
this impeccably cool operation down to the studio to tell us a little
about the past, present and future of the label.

Mizz Beats – Pipmpin
Seams – Nachtmusic
LV and Message To Bears featuring Zaki Ibrahim – Explode
Braille – leavin without you
Wedge – Lost love
Dawud – Could It Be
Koreless – 4D
Rudi zygadlo – Death School
Lapalux – Time Spike Jams
Darksky – Reflex
Chariman Kato – Streets of Rage
James Fox – New Jack Swing (Well Rounded Housing Project)
Lapalux – The Empty Disco Hall
Soul Clap -Extravaganza (re-edit)
Seams – Focus Energy (Forthcoming Pictures Music)
Midland – Through Motion
Ossie – ahh!
Machine Drum – Fantastix

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