Hello GoodBye Show 28 May 2011: Skinjobs, Ten and Gerry Mitchell

We have debut performances on Hello GoodBye this afternoon from Skinjobs and Ten.

Skinjobs is the current art-music project for the long standing collaborative partnership between the artist Adam Latham and former Xerox Teens (aka XX Teens) singer Richard Cash. Well-turned out and industrious (check out their merchandising!) troubadours Skinjobs play bespoke one-song gigs, often mimed and at far-flung venues, car parks, forests and art galleries across Europe. Who knows what they will play for us in session today? Probably not even they do…

From Leeds and London, Ten comprise guitarists Dominic Deane and Jonny Fryer. They create minimalist sonic soundscapes in equal parts folk and ambient.

Track List:
A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – Farmers With Televisions
Skinjobs – Howdy Do (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Who Wants Canaries (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Beautiful Sea (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Skinjobs – Money In The Bank Vs. Money In The Pocket (LIVE SESSION / PRE-REC)
Xerox Teens – Cousin Called Jonathan (Live @ 12 Bar Club 11.09.04 – HG archive)
Milk Kan – Junk Yard
Ten – The Absent (LIVE SESSION)
Ten – Winter Light (LIVE SESSION)
Serafina Steer – Half Robot
Lime Headed Dog – Excited
Las Kellies – Totsunootoshigo
Maria & The Mirrors – Magadan ’92
Gertrude – Pigs In Mud
Gerry Mitchell w. Ten – Die To Love (LIVE SESSION)
Gerry Mitchell w. Ten – Faker Quaker (LIVE SESSION)
Hot Head Show – ‘Title Unknown’