Technical Difficulties 2:13

This week’s show is a news roundup from around the world. This is the last time I will do such a feature, there is too much news to give it proper airtime. For more regular news, visit

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3 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties 2:13

  1. Sean O'Neill


    i really enjoy your podcast and would like to hear the programme. i work in a Disability Organisation In Wollongong, NSW, Australia. i have only recently come across your show and get a lot out of listening to it.


  2. Sean O'Neill


    i would like to hear the podcast, i find it enjoyable and interesting. i work at a Disability organisation in Wollongong, Australia. i am about an hours drive south of Sydney.

    i am also interested in doing a podcast about issues affecting people with disabilities and disability service organisations in Australia. i have a few questions i would liek to know. How is your podcast going, do you get many downloads? Do you broadcast on the resonance fm radio station as well? How do you find your guests? is bandwidth an issue?

    Sean O’Neill

  3. tim Post author

    This week’s show is now online.

    Sean, depending on the episode the shows have had between 150 and 1000+ downloads. I think this is because the show is about spreading good information and so the people with the best information are also generally the best connected.

    The show is broadcast live at 3.30pm London time on Resonance 104.4FM and on their stream and then subsequently podcast/archived by myself. As far as I know, all the shows podcast on the Resonance Podcasts pages were originally also broadcast.

    Bandwidth is not something I deal with, that is handled by the radio station. I do as they tell me. :)

    Most of my guests are disabled themselves and I know them because we have discussed/supported/chatted on Twitter about the best information on certain topics. There are a lot more disabled people evident on Twitter than any other medium I know.

    For the occasions when a more formal presence is needed, I will go through the conventional journalist/press office route. But this very rarely is needed.

    Last of all, if any of you want to record a segment on what disabled life is like where you are, I’d be happy to share it with the listeners. That includes you guys in Australia, Sean. We are also actively trying to link up and share audio with other disability podcasts/radio shows because at the end of the day:

    It’s all about sharing good information.

    Thanks for your feedback, Sean.

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