Hello GoodBye Show 14 May 2011: The Wave Pictures and Broken Shoulder

Returning to the show once more are the scintillating London based trio The Wave Pictures, while making a debut on the show we also have Broken Shoulder.

The Wave Pictures are a prolific London based trio who play pop music that is infused with a healthy, heady rush of youthful abandon. Frontman David Tattershall has a distinctly idiosyncratic stream of consciousness quality to his lyrics that is both melodic and playful. The group conjure up a sound that is slightly reminiscent of the New York new wave scene of the late ‘70’s (with both early Television and Talking Heads springing to mind.) The band are currently undertaking a nationwide tour of the UK to promote their LP ‘Beer In The Breakers’ (Moshi Moshi)

Broken Shoulder is the aching pseudonym of Neil Debnam from Fighting Kites. Conceived when he was out of action with a broken shoulder, Debnam lent in the darker shade of his influences; electronic and noise records from the likes of Tim Hecker, Ashtray Navigations, Core Of The Coalman and a wealth of Japanese experimental/improvisational music (Chihei Hatakeyama, Taj Mahal Travellers, Himeno Sayaka). His debut LP “Broken Shoulderrr” (Audio Anti-Hero) is a Lo-Tron collection of noises, ditties and misplaced notes sewn together by fuzz and feedback. It’s a unique record that evolves with each listen and has a shelf life longer than UHT milk.

Track List
Chas ‘n’ Dave – Rabbit
The Wave Pictures – Rain Down (LIVE SESSION)
The Wave Pictures – 2 Lemons 1 Lime (LIVE SESSION)
The Wave Pictures – Little Surprise (LIVE SESSION)
The Wave Pictures – Walk The Back Stairs Quiet (LIVE SESSION)
Jack Hayter – I Stole The Cutty Sark (HG archive)
The Wave Pictures – Interview
The Magic Lantern – Guilty Hearts
Smoke Fairies – Storm Song
Soft Cell – Tainted Dub
OMMM – Live in Cargo, 2003
Inner Space – Camera Song
Broken Shoulder – Ultimate Donko (LIVE SESSION)
Broken Shoulder – Morning Is Broken (LIVE SESSION)
The Mekons – Dicky Chalkie & Nobby
Broken Shoulder – Interview

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