Hello GoodBye Show 7 May 2011: Pay As You Go Show

Listeners to The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show have helped to contribute to Resonance FM’s current fundraising drive by purchasing air-time on today’s broadcast of HG at the affordable rate of £10 per minute.

Listen in to hear the bizarre and rather beguiling menagerie of submissions that we have accrued!

Through The Pay-As-You-Go Hello GoodBye Show scheme we/you have succeeded in contributing the combined – and very substantial – sum of £900 towards the day to day running of this very fine radio station.


Track Listing:

Sebastien Craig – An Introduction To The British Constitution
Floating Di Morel – Looking Back (donation made by Simone Goldate)
Matron – Microdot
The Fifth Runway – TV Show
Piney Gir Country Roadshow – Footsteps In The Sand
Fireworks Night – Across The Sea
Diva – The Glitter End
Savaging Spires – Photographic Memory
Owen Tromans – The Guru Femmes
Dominic Felix – Nessun Dorma (LIVE SESSION) (donation made by Hendrik Huthoff)
JK Afloat – Dare To Love In Times Like These
The Empty Orchestra – Out In Nowhere (contact: mamapizza@yahoo.com)
The Troggs – Wild Thing (donation made by Lordship Lane Carpets)
AC/DC – Back In Black (donation made by Lordship Lane Carpets)
The Clash – London Calling (donation made by Lordship Lane Carpets)
Sexton Ming – Will We Meet Again?
Elephant Man Tours – ‘advert’
Unit – Osaka Boy
Dirty Viv – Clingy Baby
Dirty Viv – Good Looking
Dirty Viv – Soho
Dirty Viv – Washing
Aretha Franklin – Respect (donation made by Lordship Lane Carpets)