I’m ready for my close-up: 50 years of American Splatter* or how I learned to stop worrying and love the grindhouse!

Belatedly celebrating Walpurgis Nacht, Alex Fitch interviews Stephen Thrower, editor of the legendary Eyeball magazine about his Grindhouse festival on Saturday 5th May at the Riverside Studios cinema in Hammersmith; Stephen showed 6 rare American splatter movies to help illustrate his book (Nightmare USA) and introducing Q&As with the film-makers. Alex and Stephen talk about the history of Grindhouse cinema, its influence on recent teen slasher movies and reasons why Tarantino’s latest is looking like a flop…
Originally broadcast 3rd May, 2007 (mp3 format, 26.8mb)

*Yeah, alright, Psycho started filming in 1959, so strictly speaking, it’s 48 years of American Splatter, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

Links – Buy Stephen’s book from fabpress.com
Wikipedia page on Stephen Thrower
Kamera.co.uk review of Eyeball Compendium
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