Reality Check: Dan Dare in the 21st Century

Reality Check: Dan Dare in the 21st Century

The second half of a Q and A recorded at last year’s Sci-Fi London Festival about the 40th anniversary of Britain’s most famous comic book character. John Freeman hosts a panel discussion on Dan Dare with Garry Leach, Rian Hughes, Gary Erskine and Rod Barzilay; with this recording focussing on Hughes’ illustrations for Dare in Revolver and Crisis magazines; Gary Erskine and Garry Leach’s illustrations of Dan Dare for Virgin Comics and Rod Barzilay’s small press magazine about space fleet as featured in The Eagle – Spaceship Away.

Dan Dare and the Mekon in Revolver, Virgin Comics Dan Dare and Spaceship Away

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Buy original Garry Leach art from

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A two day festival about the best of British Comics from the last 30 years in a lovely new space – The Blue Room – at BFI Southbank.

The event includes panel discussions, workshops, talks, a film preview and signings…

Guests include
Al Davison (IDW Doctor Who comic), Tom Humberstone (Solipsistic Pop), David Hine (Batman), China Miéville (Kraken), Denise Mina (The Field Of Blood), Alice Duke (Self Made Hero), Mark Stafford (Cherubs), Ian Edginton (Victorian Undead), Martin Fisher (Battle among the stars), Huw J. Davies (Freeman), Edward Ross (Parasites!), Roger Mason (The Mice), Paul Collicutt (Robot City adventures), Phillipa Rice (My Cardboard Life), Alex Milway (The Mythical 9th Division), Eddie Robson (Doctor Who adventures), (Singer / songwriter) V.V. Brown, (film-maker) David Allain, (artist) John Spelling (all City of Abacus), Lee O’Connor (Ctrl Alt Delete unmasks corruption), Zarina Liew, Yuri Kore, Clio Millett (Manga Jiman winners), Matt Jones (BERG design) and Matthew Sheret (Paper Science)

The Blue Room, BFI Southbank, 30th April / 1st May, 10am – 5pm

More info at

Further information is available in the May BFI Southbank programme and at

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