Hello GoodBye Show 16 April 2011: Baaneex and Piper’s Son

With Baaneex and Piper’s Son performing live in session.

Tune in between noon and 1.30pm on 104.4 FM in Central London or on-line via: www.resonancefm.com

Describing themselves as Dracula inspired garage-punk/noise-pop/roar-core, Baaneex are one of those rare bands that pull off avant sounds with a pop nous, with hooks and melodies breaking out from the melee of noise. How will they recreate these wonderful sounds live? Tune in today to hear them in session on Hello GoodBye. New signings to the groovy Oddbox Records, seek out their debut EP, available now.

Piper’s Son play intense, compact songs and combine a lo-fi musical sensibility with visually rich lyrics. No one song comes from a single place. Instead, like a time-lapse photo, these slowly written songs look in many directions at once.

Also as today is International Record Store Day, with a wealth of related events taking place across the capital and indeed the world, we’ve brought in the first records we ever bought to spin for your delight.

Track List:
Baaneex – Jumping Chinese Restaurant (LIVE SESSION)
Baaneex – Wierd Dance (LIVE SESSION)
Baaneex – Coool Count (LIVE SESSION)
Baaneex – Sandwich (LIVE SESSION)
Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks
Baaneex – Interview
Basil Kirchin – Pageing Sullivan
Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou – Spin Me A Rhyme
Ten – Fractured Lines
Men Diamler – Hello Heartache
The Rude Mechanicals – Irritating Fly
No Babies – Tanuki
Siddy Bennett – Waiting For You
No Frills Band – Jess’ Tune
Piper’s Son – Please Do Not Go Backward (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Bones (LIVE SESSION)
Piper’s Son – Monkey’s Mouth (LIVE SESSION)
Ghostbusters (Main Title Theme) – Elmer Bernstein
Jungle Book Original Soundtrack – I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)