Resonance Podcasts

We now have our own podcast area on iTunes, so if you are an iTunes user simply click here to open the Resonance FM Podcasts section!

Here’s some quick links to the podcast feeds we run here at Resonance FM. When you open the feeds you will see the content and have options to subscribe via the podcatcher program of your choice (iTunes, Juice etc):

One Life Left
Recently #1 in the iTunes Games podcasts section, One Life Left looks at the world of computer and console games. That this show beat the likes of EA’s own official podcast in the chart says much about its quality; not one to miss.

I’m Ready For My Closeup
This podcast is about the world of film, TV and other broadcast media and comprises interviews, reviews and interaction with film-makers, artists, writers and critics. Presented by Alex Fitch and Richard Thomas.

The Bike Show
Jack Thurston’s long-running show for cyclists everywhere. With the podcast now standing as one of our largest and longest-running series, this is another great success for our station.

Rhythm Incursions
Music podcast with a distinctly modern take on hip hop, electronica, dancehall, dub and more. We think this quote says it all: “Mr Trick’s show makes Westwood sound like the “Its A Small World” ride at Disneyland” – Mixmag.

Flo Motion
Nick Luscombe’s podcast extension to his long running radio show.

Hooting Yard
Hooting Yard the home of legendary pamphleteer Dobson, fictional athlete Bobnit Tivol, Marigold Chew, the picnic for detectives and the location of the palace of Hoon. A splendid place, much cake is eaten there. Written and presented by Frank Key.

Turntable Radio
Formerly a show on our FM output, Turntable Radio is now a podcast-only show. It covers turntablist music – i.e. music made solely on the turntables.

Marvin Suicide
A weekly programme which cobbles together 30 minutes of music, sounds and oddities which have been found for free on the internet.




The following podcasts are currently inactive, but we thoroughly recommend checking the feeds all the same as there is still much audio to download and enjoy:

Midnight Sex Talk
Now on an rest break, this show cut a clever line between intelligence and humour as it looked at the world of sex and sexuality. Despite being banned from iTunes, M.S.T. became one of our largest podcasts.

Kevin Eldon presents: Speakers
Not an active podcast per se, as this is all 8 episodes of Kevin Eldon’s Speakers show, wherein he performed monologues based on different themes each week. Trust us, its not to be missed!

Red Zero Radio
Covering breakcore, junglism and all extreme sounds, RedZEROradio has now mutated into Decibel Breach to incorporate dubstep and other new styles…