Voice on Record: Episode 46 (Shetland with Christine De Luca )

We welcome our very first studio guest to Voice On Record, the Shetland poet Christine De Luca. Christine reads some poems from North End Of Eden in English and in the Shetland dialect, and talks to me about a record I found in Orkney, a copy of which she hasn’t seen since she was a child growing up in Shetland. Also, to stick with a broadly Scottish theme, we begin our four part serialisation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Originally broadcast on Tue, 21 September 2010

Voice On Record is produced and presented by Sean Williams. Each episode features a selection of recordings of the human voice which have been preserved on vinyl. Historic events stand alongside esoteric guides to better bowling. Arid studio recordings are juxtaposed with location recordings rich with fascinating incidental sounds.
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