Voice on Record: Episode 45 (Sherlock Holmes)

Basil Rathbone reads the Adventures of the Speckled Band and the Final Problem.
Originally broadcast on 14th September 2010

Voice On Record is produced and presented by Sean Williams. Each episode features a selection of recordings of the human voice which have been preserved on vinyl. Historic events stand alongside esoteric guides to better bowling. Arid studio recordings are juxtaposed with location recordings rich with fascinating incidental sounds.
web: http://voiceonrecord.blogspot.com

One thought on “Voice on Record: Episode 45 (Sherlock Holmes)

  1. Paul Hudson

    This is a very interesting site and have just found this reading which I will enjoy listening to. It is great that the quality of PC 53 is so clear so hoping that this one will be the same. I do not know how many of these readings exist but it is great finding these two pieces that you have offered here. I wondered if there was a search facility but did not spot one as yet. What a great voice Basil has and it is interesting to hear him dramatising the characters as he does here.

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