Voice on Record: Episode 42 (John Arlott)

John Arlott

A show dedicated to one of the most poetic voices in radio and a man who could conjure up images in the most beautiful ways transcending the genre of sporting commentary and setting the bar unassailably high for all those who follow him.
Originally broadcast on 13th July 2010

Voice On Record is produced and presented by Sean Williams. Each episode features a selection of recordings of the human voice which have been preserved on vinyl. Historic events stand alongside esoteric guides to better bowling. Arid studio recordings are juxtaposed with location recordings rich with fascinating incidental sounds.

2 thoughts on “Voice on Record: Episode 42 (John Arlott)

  1. Alfred Oliveira

    Having recently watched some of the current Twenty20 smash and grab World Cup, this recording was a wonderful, timely reminder of real cricket.

    Thank you.

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