Six Pillars – Sufi’s Night

January 22nd 2011 Festival of Arts presents a night of improvised music and experimental Iranian dance: Sufi’s Night

Fusing the influences of disciplined dances such as tango and flamenco, Iranian dance takes on an almost Indian Kathak like energy, and the dramatic motions of the two performers Shahrokh Meshkin Ghalam and Karine Gonzales convey all the regal dignity of the epic stories and emotions they relate.

Here we interview daf impresario Hossein Zahavi, who is playing percussion on the night, and table maestro Yusuf Mamud who will be performing on vocals and tabla.

One thought on “Six Pillars – Sufi’s Night

  1. Nick Trendov

    Excellent podcast which goes beyond the resonance of music and dance to explore the resonance of collaborative lifelong learning from multiple global perspectives.

    Innovation happens within bounds and the improvisation of the podcast is a wonderful exploration of possibility.


    Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch

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